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With energy prices on the rise and a growing emphasis on sustainable living, more homeowners are considering solar solutions for their energy needs. One option that is becoming increasingly popular is a grid connect solar system.

Why Invest in Solar?

Solar energy harnesses the sun’s power to provide clean, renewable electricity. A prime advantage of investing in solar is a substantial reduction in your electricity bill. By generating your own electricity, you’re not only relying less on the grid but also contributing positively by feeding excess power back into it. Plus, you can earn money from your energy supplier for the electricity you feed back. Moreover, solar power helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions, thereby playing a crucial role in combating climate change.

Components of a Grid Connect Solar System

A standard grid connect solar system provided by Excelled Electrical primarily consists of:

  • Solar Panels: These are usually installed on a north-facing roof to capture optimal sunlight. However, they can also be mounted on poles or ground frames.
  • Solar Inverter: This device is crucial as it converts the DC electricity from the solar panels into 230V AC suitable for the grid. They are compact and can be set up either inside or outside your residence.
  • Monitor System, Safety Breakers, Fuses & Disconnects: These components ensure the system runs smoothly and safely.

How Much Can You Earn by Feeding Solar Power Back into the Grid in Australia?

The financial benefits of feeding power back into the grid can be substantial. In Australia, homeowners can receive credits for the surplus electricity their solar system feeds back. The amount varies based on your energy provider and the state you reside in. However, with the growing emphasis on renewable energy, these incentives can make grid connect solar an even more attractive idea.

Tailored Solar Solutions

What sets Excelled Electrical apart is our commitment to providing tailored grid connect solar solutions. We understand that every home and budget is different. Therefore, our packages are designed keeping in mind the unique needs of each client. Whether you’re an eco-conscious individual or someone looking to cut down on escalating electricity costs, we have a solution that’s just right for you.

Excelled Electrical, Locals You Can Rely On

Excelled Electrical takes pride in serving the vibrant communities of the Mid North Coast. From the bustling streets of Kempsey to the serene landscapes of Nambucca Heads and, of course, the heart of Taylors Arm, our dedicated team ensures that homes and businesses across these regions benefit from our top-tier grid connect solar services. Being locally owned and operated, we not only understand the specific needs and challenges of these areas, but we’re also deeply invested in the well-being and progress of our communities. Whether you’re a homeowner seeking to transition to a more sustainable energy source or a business aiming to reduce overheads, Excelled Electrical is your trusted partner in all things solar across these regions.

Making the Smart Choice with Grid Connect Solar

Grid connect solar systems are an environmentally friendly and efficient solution for today’s energy needs. When you choose Excelled Electrical, you benefit from high-quality components, expert installation, and exceptional service. As more Australians turn to grid connect solar, now could be the right opportunity for you to explore its advantages. Excelled Electrical also offers FREE quotes to assist you in making an informed decision.

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